Tuscany Prize Supporters

Tuscany Press initiated a crowdfunding campaign to raise monies to be given to the prize-winning authors of the Tuscany Prize.  We called our campaign the 21st Century Catholic Fiction Revival.  We want to support writers of Catholic fiction, and we recognized that we needed the help of others.  Please make a contribution and support these writers who want to bring the Catholic perspective to fiction.  Your contribution of $10, $20 or more can make a difference and spark a revival. Please contribute.  


Peter J. Mongeau

Anonymous (13)

Dennis Clausen

Mark Forrester

Jeanne L. Gassman

Eileen Guerin

Natalie Hanemann

Joseph Junker

Hugh Macken

Julianne B. McCullagh

Les Monroe

Christian O'Connell

Bud Scott

Michael Shelton

Matt Soileau 

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