Tuscany Prize Committee & Selection Process

Tuscany Prize Committee Members

1.)   Peter Mongeau, Publisher

2.)   Editor

3.)   Editor 2

4.)   Editor 3

5.)   Reader 1

6.)   Reader 2

7.)   Reader 3

The Committee consists of the Publisher, Editor and different editors and readers based on the four different categories – Novel, Young Adult Novel and Short Story.

Selection Process

The Tuscany Prize Committee is privileged to receive so many manuscripts for the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction.  Thank you. Tuscany Press wants to offer information about the Tuscany Prize for Fiction selection process.

First, all manuscripts are catalogued, along with the author information in a database.  Three or more individuals on the committee will read each manuscript.  Readers review manuscripts on 12 separate criteria points.  These criteria range from the simple -

Is this Catholic Fiction? - Yes/No

to the practical -

How much editing is needed? - Little, Some, A lot

 to the qualitative -

Character Portrayal – Scale – A-F, etc.

After a first round of reviewing and analysis, a limited number of manuscripts are selected for the final round.  In the final round, Committee members will read the manuscripts and further analysis will be conducted.  The Committee will discuss each manuscript in detail.  After discussion and agreement, the winning manuscripts will be selected.

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