Substantive Edit

A substantive edit is a detailed and labor-intensive effort and consists of three phases.

Phase I: Manuscript Assessment

  • A full review of your manuscript
  • A manuscript assessment of 5 to 10 pages

Phase II: Manuscript Edit

  • The editor marks up your manuscript in detail according to the assessment (using the TRACK CHANGES feature in Microsoft Word)
  • The editor suggests specific structural changes, such as
    • Creating or revising chaptering
    • Enhancing certain scenes, or toning them down
    • Transition of scenes
  • The editor highlights problem areas, explains his or her rationale, and offers solutions for improvement. Some of the elements he or she examines are
    • Development of characters
    • Point of view
    • Sentence structure (variety, word choice, use of the passive voice, for example)
  • All editor changes to the text may be accepted or reversed via the TRACK CHANGES function.

Phase III: Conference Call with the Editor

  • Upon receipt of the manuscript assessment and the edited manuscript, the author reviews the advice, suggestions, and changes
  • The editor and author schedule and then engage in a one-hour phone conference

You receive:

  • A manuscript assessment (5 to 10 pages)
  • Your edited manuscript with highlighted issues, explanations, suggested solutions to problem areas, and actual changes to the text
  • A one-hour phone conference with the editor


$40 per 1,000 words

Example: 75,000 words / 250 words per page / 300 pages = $3,000

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Disclaimer: The editorial-services division of Tuscany Press is separate and distinct from its publishing component. In no way do the services provided by our editorial team, as outlined below, influence the publishing decisions of Tuscany Press.

The writer purchases editorial services, which are rendered for her or his benefit. Tuscany Press, on the other hand, is a traditional publishing house. We bear all costs, such as editing, design, layout, printing, and marketing, for books we accept for publication.

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