Substantive Edit, Round 2

(optional, separate service for an additional cost)

After an author has made changes to his or her manuscript based on the substantive edit, he or she may want a second round of editing. This is in line with how the publishing industry works: When a contracted book goes through the process, author and editor often engage in several rounds, or passes, of editing and rewriting.

Note:We will conduct a maximum of two passes of substantive editing. Because a writer without an agent or a contract with a publisher must pay for our services, we believe it would be unethical to offer more than two rounds.

Phase I: Crafting and Honing

1. The author addresses all comments and suggestions from the first substantive edit.

2. The author returns the manuscript to the editor with changes.

Phase II: Second Manuscript Edit

  • 1. The editor reviews the manuscript a second time and makes additional comments, suggestions, and line edits to improve it.
  • 2. The manuscript goes back to the author.

Phase III: Second Phone Conference

  • 1. The author reviews the second round of edits.
  • 2. The editor and author schedule and engage in a second one-hour phone conference.

You receive:

  • 1. A second full review of your manuscript
  • 2. Your manuscript with a second round of editorial changes, explanations, and potential solutions
  • 3. A one-hour phone conference with the editor


$25 per 1,000 words

Example: 75,000 words / 250 words per page / 300 pages = $1,875

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Disclaimer: The editorial-services division of Tuscany Press is separate and distinct from its publishing component. In no way do the services provided by our editorial team, as outlined below, influence the publishing decisions of Tuscany Press.

The writer purchases editorial services, which are rendered for her or his benefit. Tuscany Press, on the other hand, is a traditional publishing house. We bear all costs, such as editing, design, layout, printing, and marketing, for books we accept for publication.

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