Short Stories: Assessment and Edit

If it is well written, the short story, or a collection of stories, is a deservedly popular genre. We believe there’s only one way to edit a short story: to assess the manuscript, edit directly in it, and confer with the author.

We examine:

    • Concept. Is the story intriguing?
    • Plot. Is there sufficient conflict or tension?
    • Characters. Are they unique? Memorable and do we care about them? Do they evolve?
    • Structure. Is there a clear beginning, middle, and end? Does each contribute to the story as a whole?
    • Point of view. Is the point of view consistent? Is it effective?
    • Pacing. Does the plot move along and hold the reader’s interest? Are there places where it drags?
    • Language. Is the language fresh, appropriate to the character or narrator, necessary, and immediate? Is it authentic? Is dialogue realistic?
    • Focus. Is the protagonist always at the center of the action?
    • Fictional dream. Is the fictional dream maintained throughout the story?
    • Does the central character experience an epiphany?
    • For Catholic fiction, the above and:
      • What is the Catholic theme? Is it tested?
      • Does the story contain cultural Catholicism: Is it organic or is it didactic?
      • Does the protagonist come to a deeper understanding of God or of a moral virtue?
      • Does the story end with Christian hope?

You receive:

  • A full review of your story
  • A manuscript assessment of 1 to 2 pages
  • A fully edited manuscript with highlighted issues, explanations, and suggested solutions
  • A half-hour phone conference with the editor



$28 per 1,000 words

Example: 8,000 words / 250 words per page / 32 pages = $224

Maximum word count: 12,500

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Disclaimer: The editorial-services division of Tuscany Press is separate and distinct from its publishing component. In no way do the services provided by our editorial team, as outlined below, influence the publishing decisions of Tuscany Press.

The writer purchases editorial services, which are rendered for her or his benefit. Tuscany Press, on the other hand, is a traditional publishing house. We bear all costs, such as editing, design, layout, printing, and marketing, for books we accept for publication.

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