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Many writers have come to Tuscany Press and told us they hired a “professional” editor and spent a lot of money improving their manuscript. We eagerly read their submissions, hoping for a great story, only to be terribly disappointed. Writers, we’ve found, are hiring “professionals” but don’t receive competent, thorough editorial services. In other words, writers are getting ripped off.

We didn’t want this to continue, and that’s why we decided to offer our own editorial services: to right what we consider a wrong.

We’ll tell you what’s good and what needs improvement, explain why, and offer solutions. We’ll advise you on how to take your story to the next level. Come to us if you want an analysis of your manuscript, substantive editing, or proofreading, with honest, constructive feedback in a conversation with the editor. We’ll help to prepare your manuscript for acceptance by a literary agent, for submission to a publishing house, or so that it’s ready to be self-published.

We’re an old-school editing shop that’s savvy about today’s publishing market. John Gardner (The Art of Fiction) and Flannery O’Connor (Mystery and Manners) are our inspiration and intellectual foundation. We believe in the importance of what Gardner considers to be the structure and purpose of fiction, what he terms “the fictional dream.” Flannery O’Connor defines a Catholic writer as someone who lives in a larger universe that incorporates the natural and living presence of God, uses the Catholic imagination, and writes from a Catholic perspective.

Our expertise in the craft of writing and our understanding of today’s publishing market enable us to guide you to accomplish the most important aspect of what constitutes great fiction, be it Catholic or mainstream: capturing the reader’s imagination.

Have you written a novel, a YA novel, or a short story, and do you want your words to reach an audience? Are you puzzled that friends and family tell you they love your manuscript but publishers reject it, literary agents send you a form rejection letter, and self-publishing seems a distant goal?

Are you starting to realize that perhaps you need professional assistance?

Our services are those involved in the publisher’s process: manuscript assessment, substantive/line editing, and copy editing, and we provide these at affordable prices. Do let us help you.

Our Services

Manuscript Assessment

Do you want to know what you have done well in your novel or novella and what needs improvement? We read the entire work, provide a written manuscript assessment (5 to 10 pages), and engage in a half-hour phone conference with you. The assessment contains feedback on the manuscript’s overall effectiveness and what is and isn’t working, and pinpoints examples of what needs improvement with specific references. Most important, we provide explanations and offer creative solutions.

Manuscript Assessment — Sample

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Substantive Edit

A substantive edit is a detailed and labor-intensive effort and consists of three phases.
Phase I: Manuscript Assessment
Phase II: Manuscript Edit
Phase III: Conference Call with the Editor

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Copy Edit

We are traditional when it comes to copyediting, and pride ourselves on the quality of this service. Ours is a rigorous, detailed process that reflects the skills of seasoned copy editors. The goal is to improve your manuscript’s overall readability.

One of our copy editors will work directly in the manuscript and focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and syntax.

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Short Stories: Assessment and Edit:

If it is well written, the short story, or a collection of stories, is a deservedly popular genre. We believe there’s only one way to edit a short story: to assess the manuscript, edit directly in it, and confer with the author.

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Please consider our services so we may help you become the writer you were meant to be.

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Disclaimer: The editorial-services division of Tuscany Press is separate and distinct from its publishing component. In no way do the services provided by our editorial team, as outlined below, influence the publishing decisions of Tuscany Press.

The writer purchases editorial services, which are rendered for her or his benefit. Tuscany Press, on the other hand, is a traditional publishing house. We bear all costs, such as editing, design, layout, printing, and marketing, for books we accept for publication.

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