What World Is This? and Other Stories

By (author) Gloria Whelan; Natalia Sarkissian; Mary Finnegan; Cynthia Millen; Samuel Miller; Barbara Bouden; etc

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6 x 9

 What World Is This? and Other Stories

“Sometimes a person from that part of the state will guess who I am, which is embarrassing for both of us. It’s been a long time since we were in the news, and no one lives at the cabin now, but from time to time sightseers visit there. Occasionally a believer will leave flowers, but sometimes there are crude, angry words painted on the deserted ruin. When I return I do so quietly, careful not to be seen, for I was the one who caused all the trouble. . . .”
“What World Is This?” by Gloria Whelan, First Place Winner,
Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction—Short Story Category
and National Book Award Winner

So begins What World Is This? and Other Stories. The eight short stories in this book stake a rightful claim for faith’s role in fiction.
“Lo, I tell you a mystery . . . ,” and so do each of these eight tales—seeking to show how mystery is every bit as much a part of reality as are time and space, and faith is every bit as much a part of living as are flesh and blood.
Indulge your imagination and see the world as faith sees it—alive to the possibilities of belief—rendering the unexpected, thrilling, profound, and disturbing mysteries of life through stories that ring with the same delight that echoes in all true things.

What World Is This? ~ Lily on the Bus ~ The Edge of All Things
Children of Niobe ~ The Hour of Our Death ~ Chimbote
The Test ~ The Appraisal

Rediscover the beauty of short stories—especially short stories that see the world from a Catholic perspective, one that embraces the temporal and the divine, the sinner and the saint, the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Joseph O’Brien, editor, is an award-winning journalist and a poet. He attended Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California, and graduated with a master’s in English literature from the University of Dallas, Irving, Texas. He lives with his wife and children on a homestead in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. He is the staff writer for the Catholic Times of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and a member of the Korrektiv writers’ collective.

Gloria Whelan, the author of first-place winner “What World is This” is an American poet, short-story writer, and novelist known primarily for children’s and young-adult-fiction. She won the annual National Book Award for Young People’s Literature in 2000 for the novel Homeless Bird. Natalia Sarkissian "Lily on the Bus" - 2nd Place; Mary Finnegan "The Edge of All Things" - 3rd Place; Cynthia Millen "Children of Niobe" - 4th Place; Samuel Miller "The Hour of Our Death" - Honorable Mention; Barbara Bouden "Chimbote" - Honorable Mention; Reynold Junker "The Test" - Honorable Mention; Therese M. Jones "The Appraisal" - Honorable Mention