Eyes That Pour Forth and Other Stories

By (author) Karen Britten; Mollie Ficek; Kaye Park Hinckley; Bernard Scott; Michael Piafsky; JC Ricardo; etc

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6 x 9

 "Brother Michael remembers finding the girl standing in the doorway of the Tanzanian monastery where he lives. She is holding the remnants of her eyes in her hands—milky white orbs with pink muscle attached to them like the trails of twin comets. She doesn’t cry, but she trembles and quivers in the doorframe, and the other monks . . . find out that she can see from those eyes. . . ."

“Eyes That Pour Forth” by Karen Britten – 1st Place Winner 

So begins Eyes That Pour Forth and Other Stories. In the ten stories gathered here, Tuscany Press has created a compelling collection of short stories.

Eyes that Pour Forth ~ The Reasons Why ~ Moon Dance

True or False ~ Water ~ The Debt ~ Excess Baggage

Morning Star ~ Intensive Care ~ Near Miss

Rediscover the beauty of short stories—especially short stories that see the world with a Catholic perspective which embraces the temporal and the divine, the sinner and the saint, the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Karen Britten - “Eyes that Pour Forth” – 1st Place; Mollie Ficek - “The Reasons Why” – 2nd Place; Kaye Park Hinckley - “Moon Dance” – 3rd Place and "Intensive Care" – Honorable Mention; Bernard Scott - “True or False” - 4th Place; Michael Piafsky - “Water” – 5th Place; L.C Ricardo - "The Debt" - Honorable Mention; Caroline (Yen) Valencia-Dalisay - "Excess Baggage" - Honorable Mention; S. L. Scott - "The Morning Star" - Honorable Mention; Mathew Zimmerer - "Near Miss" - Honorable Mention