A Hunger in the Heart

By (author) Kaye Park Hinckley

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9 x 6

It is 1955 Florida, and Kaye Park Hinckley's debut novel, A Hunger in the Heart, brings it alive with memorable flawed characters who all desire something. Sarah Neal longs for her husband, Putt, a WWII hero with a traumatic brain injury, to be like he was before the war. Because he can't be, she fills her longing with whiskey. Coleman, their son, needs his father and wants his mother's love and affection. C.P., the B.O.S.S. of Gator Town, Florida, and Putt's dad and Coleman's grandfather, wants everything to be normal, and he yearns for his dead wife's forgiveness.

They all must learn how to live through tragedy and treachery when Putt is accused of a heinous crime. Fig, the gardener, with commonsense wisdom explains to Coleman, ". . . a hero makes a choice to put somebody else ahead of himself," and Anna, Coleman's first love, teaches him the most valuable lesson of all.

This is a story, ultimately, of hope and love: How we find it and thrive in even the darkest circumstances.

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Friends who know KAYE PARK HINCKLEY wonder how she kept hope of someday finding a publisher during the raising of her five children, along with her commitment to run a business for nearly twenty years. Kaye answers that a woman is by nature creative. Home, family and community are actually springboards to creativity. Aspiration is sparked by the heart, is strengthened by trials, and finds its way into the concrete world through commitment to truth. Kaye's writing is concerned with error and Truth. "When Truth is exchanged for lies of the moment", Kaye says, "you have a story that begins in the human heart–when hatred replaces love because my new enemy doesn’t look or think like me, when anger becomes a fist to the face of a wife, or child, or friend, when a hidden hand steals because what it has is not enough, when every hunger must be satisfied, when my place in the sun is secured by dishonesty. By the standard set in our hearts, these are failings. So, after our failings, what is possible? Contrition, forgiveness, and redemption. My stories contain these themes. They are stories about what it means to be an imperfect person in an imperfect world."

"Kaye Park Hinckley is a writer with a sensitive ear and a keenly developed sympathy for her characters. Her debut novel, A Hunger in the Heart, marks the beginning of a promising career in the world of fiction." -Mark Childress, author of Georgia Bottoms and Crazy in Alabama

"Kaye Park Hinckley's novel, A Hunger in the Heart, is a story of hope, forgiveness, and redemption. It's a great read in the tradition of southern fiction." -Winston Groom, author of Shiloh, 1862 and Forrest