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Lorenzo's Calling - Novel Submission

Lorenzo was not a tourist inHarare,Zimbabwe, but he sure felt like one at the airport. A few commuters whisked in and out of gates, babbling what he presumed was either Shona or Ndebele, the native tongues of the region. He was thankful English was one of its official languages. He stiffened at the sight of submachine guns dangling from the shoulders of theZimbabwesoldiers. Their shoulder patches read “Civil Aviation Authority of... Read More →

"Good Intentions Gone Bad"- Short Story Submission

I felt their eyes stare into the back of my head. Determined, I kept my attention on the test and scribbled an answer down before reading the next question. I didn’t study for this. I already saw the C or D coming my way. Temptation poked at my thoughts. Maybe if I just lean over to the side and take a quick glance at my neighbor’s test - “Really?” A light... Read More →

"Big Brother Comes Home" - Short Story Submission

I was 11 years old in 1973, when my brother came home. He had left to fight in the war -- but, then again, he was never really gone. Mom constantly reminded us - Dad and me - that Greg was out there somewhere. We had to endure night after night of the gruesome news footage because Mom was hoping for some glimpse of Greg, her first born.Dad and I... Read More →

Listening for Life - Novel Submission

He’d just begun finding his range. After dropping a few baby hooks and a dozen lay-ups through the park’s netless, slightly crooked rim, Rich Stone backed up, blew on his ungloved hands, and started chucking jumpers. Last night’s storm had forced him to skip a post-homework shoot-around, so he’d dressed hurriedly to make up for lost practice before school. There was no lingering trace of the storm in the sky... Read More →

"One Day at a Time" - Short Story Submission

Aloha; welcome to paradise, Hawaii is a place with beautiful beaches, scenic sites where tourist come to visit and enjoy a wonderful vacation. However, there is a cancer “homelessness” growing and every year it continues to get worst. The people as well as the government can pretend like the problem does not exist but it is increasing a rapid pace.  On the island of Oahu, there are 7,000 homeless people... Read More →