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Tuscany Prize - Short Story Winners

The Tuscany Prize Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the Tuscany Prize – Short Story Category. 1st Place - The Grove by Philip Martin 2nd Place – Monday Morning by David Denny 3rd Place – Cold Spring by Kathleen Schrenk 4th Place – Drenched by Stella Pope Duarte Honorable Mentions Where It Ends and Begins by David DeCleene The Judas Goat by Donna Volkenannt The History of Snow by Nick Ripatrazone The Gospel of Chloride by Jennifer... Read More →

2015 Tuscany Prize - Short Story Finalists and Notables

The Tuscany Prize Committee would like to thank all the Short Story authors.  We were delighted by the quality and great reads.  We have selected 20 short stories as finalists.  The committee will choose 10 of these stories to be published.    In addition, this year we wanted to recognize authors whose stories were Notable. We believe with minor changes these stories would have been in the final round.   The Tuscany... Read More →

"The Circadian" - Short Story Submission

The air was sharp when I rose this morning, its cold salty fragrance causing chaos to the appealed senses, rolling off the nose like sweet sulfur and cutting every inch of my skin like a knife with its merciless chill. Nevertheless, God’s grace gave me the courage to emerge from my cabin where I thankfully greeted the calm waters that surrounded our vessel. She’s a humble ship, able to rival... Read More →

"Yes" - Short Story Submission

The sandaled feet splashed through the puddles on the cobblestones of St. Peter’s Square. Head held high, their owner walked with determination and paid no attention to the pointed remarks he heard directed at him from well-dressed tourists. He was one of many homeless men and women who made their way to the showers under the Bernini’s colonnade. Today he was hoping for a shower and a haircut. The other homeless... Read More →

"Stars in the Glass" - Short Story Submission

Shadows deepened as the fluorescent lights began to flicker on around the university campus, and the warmer lights shown down from the dormitory windows above.  A soft November rain began to fall as students and visitors retreated indoors.  A lone campus security guard walked briskly down the sidewalk holding a radio.  Flashlight and keys hung from his belt.  Suddenly, a young man raced by, nearly knocking the guard off his... Read More →