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Tuscany Prize - Young Adult Novel Winner

The Tuscany Prize Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the Tuscany Prize – Young Adult Novel Category. Under a Falling Darkness by Breana English In the summer of 1943, under Nazi occupied Denmark, sixteen-year-old Ingrid Holst joins the Danish Resistance and searches for the lost treasure of Denmark - a priceless Faberge egg known as the Royal Danish Egg.  Once owned by the Danish-born Dowager Empress of Russia, clues to... Read More →

2015 Tuscany Prize - Young Adult Finalists

The Tuscany Prize Committee would like to thank all the Young Adult story submitters.  We know you all have worked hard and have put your soul into these stories.  Here are the finalists for the 2015 Young Adult category - in alphabetical order. Octavia by Melinda Selmys The Queen of Steel and Fire by Steven South Though I Walk by Sarah Johnson Under a Falling Darkness by Breanna English Under a Fig Tree by Cecile... Read More →

Under the Fig Tree - Young Adult Novel Submission

Frankie swallowed hard. She had to just say it while they were all together at the dinner table. “Ma, Pop.” She took a deep breath and pictured Margaret Sullavan in The Shop Around the Corner. Frankie had been a sales girl all summer. Two days ago she bought her sisters and brother their first pairs of brand new shoes. She knew she could get rid of the girls' flour-sack dresses too,... Read More →

La Santa Muerte - Young Adult Novel Submission

Tijuana began to stir. The pale light of dawn woke the city that barely slept. The city, a modern urban jungle, lay at the meeting of two great countries. A twelve-lane funnel, a high-pressure escape valve and three miles of fence filtered visitors to and from the United States of America. The area was intimidating, especially at night when the entire area was illuminated. Illegal and legal crossings took place... Read More →

Magic at Grouse Water Downs - Young Adult Novel Submission

Inky darkness draped the pine forest, and a misty breeze trickled through the branches that set all of Mia’s hairs on edge.  Unable to see anything, Mia relied on her gut instincts, which told her she was not alone.  A golden light flashed to her right, followed by the sound of a tree crashing down. Mia assumed it was lightning until the light reappeared behind the form of a running young... Read More →