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"The Way of the Word" - Novella Submission

Beauty, wisdom, virtue, strength, and love—we call them gifts, but none of them are gifts.  One way or another, we end up having to account for them.  As a case in point:  I turned out to have a particular talent of my own, neither flashy nor immediately practical, for which it would never have occurred to me to ask and which, if I’d kept the receipt, I would probably have... Read More →

"Junie's Call" - Novella Submission

Junie McFarland pushed her rolling walker out of the St. Mary’s visitors area, past the contemporary furniture that was no longer contemporary, and stopped to catch her breath. She’d slowed down since moving in a year ago, no doubt about it. A short walk down the hall made her huff and puff. Junie was a resident of St. Mary’s, a tidy Catholic home for elderly men and women on the west... Read More →

"HARK: Satan's Apple" - Novella Submission

My name is Harold and I’m thirteen years old (sort of). You might say I’m a very special but strange boy. You might also say I’m not a boy at all, but I’ll get to that later. It all started at this Baptist church one Sunday in my home town of Houston. I’m not actually Baptist, but I didn’t remember that at the time. So there I am in church sitting... Read More →

"Bird of Freedom" - Novella Submission

I am a quetzal.  To some North Americans I am merely a speechless parrot that rhymes with pretzel, but to the people of Guatemala, I am their bird of freedom.  They honor my kind, and we watch over them.  My likeness adorns their blue and white flag, much like the image of a fierce and graceful eagle that I once saw on your embassy.  My people, incidentally, say my name... Read More →

"Bad Habits" - Novella Submission

Monday, August 13, 2012 – New York City, New York The first thing Corbin Donovan said to me was “Jack, I’m going to make you a ton of money.” While this seemed a bit abrupt given the circumstances, it certainly was believable enough: we were standing at the entrance of Eleven Madison Park about to have an expense account lunch on Donovan’s tab, and Donovan himself looked like the very picture... Read More →