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Life and Death and Life Again – How God and Death Play a Role in My Catholic Imagination

“Remember, man, that thou art dust, and unto dust you shall return!”                                                                         (Genesis 3:19)  I remember when I was very young and we heard about a neighbor passing away or a relative of a friend who died unexpectedly; I watched my mother’s reaction to the news and then looked to her to know that everything was okay. Sometimes she would say a prayer, or we all would say a prayer. But... Read More →

Catholic Imagination – The Founding Document of a Soul by Gene Logan

Imagination is to make something up; to create and invent from something that counts – or as Ernest Hemingway noted, true fiction must come from everything you have ever known, ever seen, ever felt, and ever learned. If Hemingway had added that fiction also comes from what is not known, not seen, not felt and not learned, he would have concurred with Merriam Webster and laid the groundwork for a proper... Read More →

The Patron Saint of Lost Stories by Matthew Feely

I grew up in Philadelphia in the late 70s and 80s and have wanted to be a writer ever since I could remember. Words have always fascinated me and when I was 15, I asked for a thesaurus for Christmas. I remember it was the third gift I opened that morning, after which I promptly stopped opening the others and began looking up synonyms. (In case you were wondering, I... Read More →

The Flow of Ink and the Banshee’s Cry: Why I Write by Liz Dolan

In Tullaree, Kilcoo, my mother’s birthplace, it is believed the wail of the banshee is the cry of a soul trapped between the here and the hereafter. My mother often heard their cry. I hear their cry, too, and, like them I am trapped between the here and the hereafter, the now and the then, the here and the there, with those who have gone before, those who will go... Read More →

Beyond Imagination by Joe Bisicchia

Imagination is the act by which one can envision walking on water. But for those of faith, there is more than imagination to this sort of feat, which happens again, and again, as if this sort of thing is what we are all made to do. And if we were unable to do these things would we suffer like William Blake’s robin? A robin redbreast in a cagePuts all heaven in... Read More →