"Wandering in the Moonlight" - Novel Submission

Alex thought that the Halloween party at Gered’s was a long time ago too.  A different life, and definitely, a different place for both of them.  Alex never considered that he would have this kind of relationship with Rebecca—a girl that haunted him from the other side of their high school. But here they are, speaking at the beach.  His beach.  His favorite place.  It never ceased to surprise him.  He... Read More →

"Castlecottage" - Novel Submission

The young priest took a scan of the gray heads scattered amongst the pews.  In the back of the church was a muffled commotion.  A young mother and her three-year-old boy restlessly took in the Good News, mom trying to diminish the distraction from the somber celebration of daily Mass.  She retrieved the toddler from an apse where the Blessed Virgin Mary stood.  Hushing him, she squirreled with him into... Read More →

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