"Proverbs 22:29" - Short Story Submission

 My cousin and I were sentenced to 100 hours community service, for reasons I am not going to go into. We were innocent. We didn’t do nothing. So what if we were seen running; aren’t people allowed to run? We were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. I saw that on tv lots of times. Us Group home kids never get a fair deal.   Because of our age, and prestigious... Read More →

A Place to Call Home - Novel Submission

Melissa Grant always loved the snow.  The thrilling feeling of seeing it fall and cover the ground, like a blanket of white fleece stayed with her into adulthood.  Even at twenty-six, few things excited her like waking up to a world of white.  While others complained about the cold, the hassle of getting around, and the shoveling, scraping, and salting, Melissa delighted in trudging through the mounds of fluffy white... Read More →

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