"Sebastian's Story" - Short Story Submission

The class met on Tuesday evenings in the windowless lounge of the sixth floor of what used to be a subsidized apartment building. At one end was a kitchenette that hadn’t been used in years and at the other a boxy wooden pulpit with the outline of a missing cross still visible. The space between held an assortment of seats so diverse as to hardly belong to the single category... Read More →

Multiplication of the Corn Flakes and Other Kitchen Table Miracles of Dorothy Mendenhall

By Catherine Mendenhall-Baugh This year, as we sat around our Thanksgiving table, I shared stories about my mother. It was fun watching the reaction of my son-in-law and my daughter as they listened to these memories that were such an essential part of my life. Known by most people in her life as “Dorothy,” to me and to all my brothers and sisters, she was larger than life – she was Mom! In the... Read More →

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