"To Walk Amidst the Starry Sky" - Novel Submission

            Anandras had escaped during the middle of a workday—no one knew how. The supervisors noticed shortly after he was gone.  A search of the mines revealed no sign of his biology, or his work tag, the collar implanted into the necks of the laborers that always told the supervisors where the workers were, whenever the computer at the heart of the planetary operations called.  So the rest of his... Read More →

"All Manner of Thing" - Short Story Submission

In the kitchen, David chopped celery.  His mom and Sophie's mom were maintaining a steady flow of polite chit-chat that fooled no-one.  His mom was already halfway through a bottle of wine, and had the flushed cheeks to prove it.  His father-in-law paced in the living room, ignoring the barbed conversation between the two women in favor of glancing expectantly, every few minutes, at the bedroom door.                 David threw the... Read More →

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