"Alicia and the Spirit of Maria" - Short Story Submission

Through French doors, Alicia marveled at an outdoor kitchen with a hooded barbecue cooker and beverage fridge. “We use this very little,” Patricia Renwid told her.  “Howard thought this a wonderful idea, but in practicality it’s best to use the inside kitchen.” Alicia remembered the kitchen of her childhood—her family of seven lived in one room and her mother cooked over an outdoor fire. She remembered chicken adobo cooked in... Read More →

"33 Miracles" - Novel Submission

On the third day, he woke up, cold and damp.  The fear and denial had turned into sober acceptance.  She’s gone, he realized.  And now I’m alone.  I’m all by myself and I have to go to work.          He started his truck and wound down Bluff Mountain Road.  By the time he pulled into the driveway, his mother was buried in the nearby graveyard, and his father was shackled in... Read More →

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